Collaborative Interactive Science Learning in Immersive Virtual Reality

Collaborative Interactive Science Learning in Immersive Virtual Reality

Livestream held 2nd September 2021.

Mihye Won is Associate Professor at the School of Education at Curtin University. She has been investigating how to engage students in science learning in meaningful ways. Currently, she is leading two Australian Research Council Discovery Projects — one on exploring educational possibilities of immersive virtual reality, and the other on teaching for creativity in science class.

"Interactive, immersive, and collaborative learning—this is what I think the future of learning should be and my research team has employed immersive virtual reality to put this idea into practice. Using immersive virtual reality, students can dive into the molecular world and interact with molecules to learn about their structure and interactions.”

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Join us for an informal panel discussion following Apple WWDC 2023, exploring the company's much hyped foray into extended reality headset hardware. 

Panelists will include 

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  • Angus Stevens, CEO and Co-Founder, Start Beyond
  • and Natalie Marinho, Chair of Immerse Australia.