VR as Viable Rehabilitation Too

VR as Viable Rehabilitation Too

Livestream held 29th June 2021.

Co-hosted by Immerse Australia and Curtin HIVE, this event featured university researchers who are exploring virtual reality as a viable rehabilitation tool for people with incomplete spinal cord injury.

Interactive virtual reality activities provide a safe environment for daily practice of desired rehabilitation movements. Gamification and setting a ‘just right’ challenge create motivation in this adjunct to traditional rehabilitation therapies. Associate Professor Marina Ciccarelli and Dr Susan Morris discussed the impact of virtual reality on rehabilitation. Q&A followed the presentation and included Rodney Parsons who was involved in technical development.

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Talk about your brand

Join us for an informal panel discussion following Apple WWDC 2023, exploring the company's much hyped foray into extended reality headset hardware. 

Panelists will include 

  • Oliver Weidlich, Founder and Director of Design and Innovation, Contxtual, recently returned from WWDC and AWE US
  • Joe Millward, General Manager APAC, Tailspin
  • Angus Stevens, CEO and Co-Founder, Start Beyond
  • and Natalie Marinho, Chair of Immerse Australia.