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IA|M [XR Project Sessions] June Edition - Feat. SenseGlove!

IA|M [XR Project Sessions] June Edition - Feat. SenseGlove!

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Thanks to the awesome people at SenseGlove, participants at this month's XR Project Session will have the opportunity to demo AND develop with the SenseGlove Nova! These haptic gloves simulate the feeling of shapes, textures, stiffness, impact and resistance through a combination of force-feedback, vibrotactile feedback and motion tracking.

If you are interested in testing out your own app with the gloves, links to the test project and documentation will be shared in our Discord so you can prepare your project.

Please note the venue and start time differ to last session.

Join us for 3 hours of focus (5pm-8pm) on Tuesday, June 27th at RMIT University Library (Room 10.06.63) in Melbourne's CBD. The space will be set up for developing on VR and AR devices with room for testing, easy access wifi, a screen for demos and plenty of power outlets.

You’ll be in good company with other developers and creatives, and how you work is up to you. You can use the opportunity to share what you’re working on and get feedback, or knuckle down on your own for the whole session.

Here's what to bring:

  • Your devices (laptop/tablet/headset etc)
  • A project to work on

There are four XR Project Sessions in 2023 (April, June, August, and October) and at the end of the year, we’ll arrange a demo night (optional) so you can show off your work to a wider audience.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn, create, and connect!

------ FAQs ------

Can I bring a PC?

If you usually work on a desktop PC, unless it is a particularly small one, we recommend you bring a laptop and use Anydesk, TeamViewer or Remote Desktop to connect to your PC remotely. (Make sure to test it first!)

Alternatively, you can work on parts of your project that don’t require a powerful computer such as brainstorming, research, concepting, narrative etc.

What counts as a "project"?

The goal of each XR Project Session is for each attendee to go home feeling accomplished and motivated. This is why we ask for everyone to have a project or task to work on.

Your project or task should have something to do with immersive technology or XR related software and skills. For example, you could get started on an idea for a VR game, follow a software/programming tutorial, sketch out ideas for an AR exhibit, or research and test apps on your headset.

More questions? No worries. Head over to our Discord and ask us in #melbourne-chat.

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